Gifts & Memorials Catalog

The City of Oak Harbor's Gifts and Memorials Catalog (PDF) provides a way to contribute to the natural beauty of our City. We respect the desires of individuals to commemorate special events or the lives of loved ones. While gifts and memorials may enrich a park experience for park users, the City sees the value of open spaces, planned park development, and an unrestricted setting in order to encounter a wide range of experiences.

The type of gifts and or memorials that would be considered most acceptable by this policy includes traditional park amenities and facilities that would contribute to Oak Harbor's parks system. Therefore, a thoughtful review process is provided to encourage gifts and donations that: cover the cost of a project, is sensitive to all park users, is sensitive to the design standards required for open spaces, is sensitive to the long-term cost of maintenance and the distribution of maintenance funds, and provides park improvements to park-deficient neighborhoods.

Any party wishing to locate a gift, memorial or tribute in an Oak Harbor park should contact the City's Parks Division at 360-279-4756.