Special Event Permitting

Interested in hosting your next event in Oak Harbor? Whether it is a family reunion or community festival, we have you covered! The City offers a comprehensive guide (PDF) to assist you in the initial planning stages and our staff looks forwarding to working with you on the details to ensure a successful and safe event.

The first question you're probably trying to answer is, "do I need a permit?" The answer is yes if any of the following are applicable to your event:

  • amplified sound or stage
  • amusements rides or animals
  • concessions/food trucks (food, drink, or alcohol for sale or offered to the public)
  • sale of goods or services
  • tents(s) greater than 400
  • attendance of over 50 people in a city park/facility

A special event permit is required for any event held on public property including the right-of-way, and any event held on private property which will have a significant impact on traffic or necessitate city-provided emergency services, such as police, fire, or medical aid. An event on private property that involves an open invitation to the public or where the attendance is by private invitation of 100 or more people is considered to be an event that will have a direct significant impact on the public streets, rights-of-way, or emergency services.

Political or religious activities intended primarily for the communication or expression of ideas as defined in city code shall require submission of an event permit application but are exempt from certain requirements. Other activities exempt from the event permitting process are funeral/wedding processions, groups assembled by law, temporary business sales, garage sales, and private events which do not directly affect or use city services or property.