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Recreation Program Proposal

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    City of Oak Harbor Parks and Recreation is looking to offer our community a variety of new programs. If you have a particular talent or skill that you would like to share by offering a program or class, please complete and submit this form. We facilitate programs throughout the year. The duration of each program varies depending on the subject and intensity. Some programs are scheduled to meet once a week for six weeks while others last only a day. While there are professionals on staff that can lend their expertise, the program is yours to create.

    Staff will assist you in determining the length, demographic, location, and fee. Proposal submissions are reviewed by City of Oak Harbor Parks and Recreation Staff. If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted by us to schedule a time to come in and discuss the proposal. If your proposal is not selected, a staff member will contact you in writing. Contract or seasonal hire options are available.

    If you have any questions please contact the Recreation Manager at 360-279-4581.

  3. Please be brief and accurate and include the purpose and goal of the program. The department reserves the right to make changes to the description as needed for the activity guide and marketing.

  4. Please answer the following questions in your program schedule response. How many classes are in a session, what is the frequency of classes, and how long is each class? What are your preferred days of the week and time of day for this program? 

  5. What is your anticipated fee to lead this program? Options for payment can be discussed with a staff member once submitted.

  6. Please list all items that participants need to bring, wear, etc. 

  7. Please list all questions participants need to answer during registration, if any. 

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