Burn Ban Information

The City of Oak Harbor and its Urban Growth Areas have been designated as permanent burn ban areas since January 1, 2001. This means that residential and land-clearing burning was permanently banned within the city limits and urban growth areas.

To find out what alternatives to burning are available in your area, visit the Northwest Clean Air Agency website or call 360-679-7350 in Island County.

Burn Bans

There are several different types of burn bans:

  • A burn ban due to impaired air quality is announced when air pollutants are measured at unhealthy levels. No outdoor burning is allowed during this period.
  • A burn ban due to high fire danger is announced by fire officials during extended periods of dry weather.
  • A permanent burn ban prohibits all residential and land-clearing fires in cities and urban growth areas.

For Burn Ban Information: 360-428-1617, ext. 4.

Definitions of Burning Types

  • Recreational fires are three feet in diameter or smaller, consist only of charcoal or firewood; and are used for cooking or pleasure. Permits are not required within the City of Oak Harbor for this type of fire.
  • Residential fires are for disposal of leaves, clippings, and other yard and garden debris generated on-site. All residential fires in Island County require a verbal permit, call 360-679-7350 to obtain a permit.
  • Land-clearing fires are for disposal of natural vegetation generated from land clearing projects and require a written permit.

General Outdoor Burning Rules

WAC 173-425, RCW 70.94, NWCAA Regulation 502. If you live in an area where burning is allowed and choose to burn, please follow these guidelines:

  • What can be burned? - It is only legal to burn natural vegetation.
  • Burn barrels - Burning in barrels is prohibited statewide.
  • Nuisance - Smoke, odor or ash that unreasonably impacts neighboring properties is illegal.
  • Construction and demolition debris - Materials resulting from construction, renovation or demolition projects cannot be burned.
  • Check permit requirements.
  • Check weather - Don't burn during periods of air stagnation or when the winds exceed 7 miles per hour.
  • Check the burn ban status before burning.
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