Fire Department Hires

Sebastian Ceaser, A Shift, Firefighter/EMT

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Sebastian Ceaser grew up in Oak Harbor and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Western Washington University in 2020. In the same year, he joined Oak Harbor Fire Department as an entry-level paid-on-call firefighter and began his firefighting and emergency medical training.

When the citizens of Oak Harbor passed the Fire Service Levy in 2022, providing the opportunity for the City of Oak Harbor Fire Department to hire two additional full-time firefighters, Sebastian knew he wanted to secure one of the positions. His goals as a firefighter are to grow professionally and as a team, and to push peers and himself to new levels.

In his personal life, Sebastian enjoys being newlywed, running, and playing video games with my friends and family to keep in touch. 

When asked for one of his favorite quotes, Sebastian responded, "Family is not necessarily blood, but instead who you would bleed for.”; this is a sentiment that runs deeply in fire service. Welcome to the family! 

Serloyd Carter, Jr., B Shift, Firefighter/EMT

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Serloyd Carter, Jr. was born in Oak Harbor but, due to his father’s Navy career, moved around a lot. This, and his own service in the US Marine Corps, has allowed for interactions with people from many different walks of life and a close relationship with his family.

In 2017, Serloyd joined Oak Harbor Fire Department as an entry-level Paid-On-Call Firefighter (POCFF). He used the firefighting skills and certifications he earned to start his full-time firefighting career with NASWI Federal Fire Department (while continuing his POCFF service to OHFD). When the Fire Service Levy allowed hiring additional firefighters at OHFD, Serloyd jumped at the opportunity to serve Oak Harbor full-time.

Serloyd enjoys art, comic books, novels, movies, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, a strong respect for living beings, and working out/exercising. He has always had a desire to help people and chose a career in firefighting to continue doing so. He has pledged to do the best he can to not only help the people of our community and county, but to also better them in any way he can.