Station 81

Oak Harbor Fire Department (OHFD) operates from one station located in the City's southeast quadrant. The 21,000 square foot facility was dedicated in 1992 and remains in excellent condition due to the dedication of the firefighters who maintain and care for it. The facility is divided into four portions:

  • East Wing
  • Apparatus Bay
  • West Wing
  • Training Tower and Grounds

To see the Fire House up close, stop by or schedule a tour; simply complete a Tour Request Form.

East Wing

The station's east wing houses the OHFD business offices, a public reception area, a conference room and a large (1,200 square foot) training facility. The facility accommodates up to 73 people and can be divided into two equally sized classrooms.

Emergency Operations Center

Also housed in the east wing is the City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In the event of a citywide emergency or disaster, the EOC is the gathering place for all city departments (administration, police, fire, marine, public works, etc.) and becomes the hub of action to mitigate the emergency.

West Wing

The west wing of Station 81 is home to on-duty firefighters. There are dorm-style sleeping quarters utilized by firefighters working overnight shifts. Common areas include:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Lounge
  • Patio
  • Library facilities
  • Fully equipped physical fitness areas

Apparatus Bay

The apparatus bay provides secure, indoor protection for OHFD engines and other apparatus and houses a maintenance shop equipped for the repair and maintenance of small equipment such as Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs), nozzles, portable generators, hand tools, etc. There are automatic doors on both the south and north ends of the bay to allow for the quick exit of all apparatus.

The station is equipped with a 60 kilowatt (kW) diesel generator with an automatic transfer switch. The computers, apparatus bay doors, SCBA air compressor, base radios, EOC, HVAC systems, and kitchen facilities are connected to this emergency power service.

The station is protected by a National Fire Protection Association 13 wet-sprinkler system and an automatic fire alarm system. There are stand-alone smoke detectors in all sleeping quarters and all personnel are trained in our evacuation plan. The station is secured by code-locked doors 24 hours a day with the added security of key-locked doors during non-business hours.

Training Tower & Grounds

The training tower and grounds consists of the Department's three-story training tower and exterior grounds. The training tower is a useful structure for training firefighters in a wide-variety of emergency situations, including: confined space rescue, rope rescue, repelling, structure fire simulation, roof-venting training, hazardous materials training and search and rescue (just to name a few). There are water hydrants on the grounds that are utilized in training and public education events.

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