Business Licenses

Update for 2022 Renewals or New Business Licenses

Effective March 10, 2022, the City of Oak Harbor is streamlining the business license renewal process and new application process in partnership with the State of Washington Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service (BLS).

Any business licenses that are not renewed with the City of Oak Harbor on or before February 25, 2022, will be terminated in our system, and will be required to apply for a City of Oak Harbor business license with BLS on or after March 10, 2022. License renewals received at the City of Oak Harbor after January 31, 2022, through February 25, 2022, are subject to a late penalty fee of 18%.

New business license applications will be accepted only through February 25, 2022, at the City of Oak Harbor. After this date, any new city business licenses will be required to apply through the State of Washington, Business Licensing Service on or after March 10, 2022.

This page directly corresponds with Oak Harbor Municipal Code Title 5: Business Licenses and Regulations, which is in the process of being updated to reflect changes in the process to acquire a Business License for the City of Oak Harbor. Once changes have been approved, they will be shown here. The list of amendments has been added as a document at the bottom of this page.

The Washington Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service is now ready to accept applications and renewals for City of Oak Harbor Business Licenses. View their page for Oak Harbor City Business Licenses.


The City of Oak Harbor requires all businesses within city limits to have a current business license while offering services and/or goods where sales tax is collected and annual revenue is more than $2,000. Business licenses expire at the end of each calendar year and are required to renew by the end of January, the following year.

Please remit sales tax to the State of Washington to the credit of Oak Harbor. Effective April 1, 2020, our local sales tax rate is 8.9% and our location code is 1503.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Utilities/City Finance Department at 360-279-4530 or email Utilities.

Again, thank you for doing business in the City of Oak Harbor, and let us know if we can help you in any way.

Bob Severns, Mayor
David Goldman, Finance Director

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