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Electronic Message Sign Application

  1. NOTICE: The electronic message sign at Beeksma Park has been experiencing technical issues. This includes messages remaining on the sign after their scheduled expiration and the failure to receive some new messages. Staff is continuing to work with the vendor to address the matter. We are continuing to accept applications; however please be advised some messages may not be displayed in time. 

  2. This application is for the purpose of submitting requesting a sign be placed on the electronic message sign (Esign) at Gateway Park located at the corner of State Route 20 and Beeksma Road. Please read this page and complete the following form.

    Rules & Regulations

    1. Requests must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the date you wish the message posted. In order to ensure consideration of application, please submit by 2 week deadline.
    2. Applications must include digital files for the organization and the event. Formats accepted are JPG files only (1128 by 191 pixels).
    3. Digital messages will be displayed for no longer than 4 weeks duration. The duration may be limited further, at the City's discretion, if too many requests are made during a certain period.
    4. Under State law, use of the Electronic Message Sign may only be used for those events and activities initiated with the intent of promoting tourism, as the sign was purchased with tourism promotion funds (See Revised Code of Washington 67.28).
    5. The City Administration, or its designee, shall have sole authority to approve or deny applications, including requested dates and locations.

    The Esign may be used to promote emergency messages during public emergency events, inclement weather, or public health pandemics.

    Agreement for Use

    As the individual completing the form provided below, I have read and understand the Esign rules and regulations and agree to abide by them. Furthermore, I am authorized to sign on behalf of the organization listed in my application below and accept for them the terms and conditions as stated in this application. Being fully informed of these rules and regulations, I hold the City of Oak Harbor and its employees harmless from all claims, injuries, liabilities, damages, losses, or rights of action resulting from the use of said electronic message sign.

  3. Include event name, date, time (beginning/ending, and location.

  4. Images for Signage (sign image, flyer, logo, etc.)

    Must be submitted in a .jpg format and meet the 1128 by 191 pixel specifications.

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