Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division is responsible for procurement of goods and services on behalf of the City of Oak Harbor as governed by the City Council. Purchasing strives to maintain the quality and integrity of the City's purchasing system and maximize the purchasing value of the City of Oak Harbor's dollars.

In addition, Purchasing works to assure fair and equitable treatment to all who do business with the City. Purchasing also handles the City's surplus items through auction or recycling in accordance with state law and City Ordinances.

Policy & Procedures

The Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual (PDF) is provided to guide and assist City staff on basic procurement and contracting requirements as set forth in the Oak Harbor Municipal Code and Washington State statutes. This policy establishes guidelines and clarifies the procedures for purchasing supplies and materials, public works construction, and contracting for services by the City of Oak Harbor.

The procedures set forth in subsequent sections of this manual are designed to assure the citizens, the City Council, and City administrative staff that the City of Oak Harbor is receiving maximum value for each tax and utility dollar expended and assure fiscal responsibility in the procurement process. This edition of the Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual is dated May 18, 2021, and supersedes all purchasing directives.

All references to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and/or City Ordinances and Resolutions shall be incorporated as part of this policy including all future amendments.

In cases where these policies conflict with any City Ordinance, State or Federal law or regulations, the terms of that law or regulation prevails.

In all other cases, these policies apply.


  • City of Oak Harbor Municipal Code
  • Washington State RCWs
  • Municipal Research and Services Center
  • The Bidding Book