Development Services


The mission of the Development Services Department is:

  • To help the community articulate its vision for Oak Harbor through the ongoing implementation and refinement of the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations and standards; and
  • To ensure that the vision becomes a reality, by conscientiously applying and administering the City's development regulations and standards, guaranteeing safe infrastructure and building construction, providing accurate technical information, and carrying out community-enhancing projects; and
  • To courteously work with the community to preserve and safeguard public health, safety, and property through the professional, efficient, and timely evaluation and inspection of the construction projects within the City.

The department is composed of two divisions: Building and Planning:

  • The Building Division administers the International Building Codes for residential, commercial, and industrial structures through its permit and inspection activities and provides code enforcement services dealing with property maintenance issues and zoning code compliance.
  • The Planning Services Division is responsible for current planning, growth management planning, environmental reviews, zoning assistance, urban design review, community development projects, and general public assistance in land use matters.