Code Compliance

This department is responsible for enforcing various chapters of the Oak Harbor Municipal Code that address public health and safety issues, including regulations related to garbage, construction debris, removal of vegetation, zoning, housing, dangerous buildings, environmental codes for stormwater, sewer, and solid waste, sidewalk obstructions, yard sale signs outside storage and other public nuisances.

The City of Oak Harbor enforces the regulations in the City of Oak Harbor Municipal Code, generally through a complaint-generated system.

Code Enforcement works in partnership with other City departments and Oak Harbor citizens to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems related to health and safety in our community.

Some of the common code enforcement complaints, the responsible department, and the contact information are listed below:

Abandoned or Stray AnimalsAnimal ControlICOM Dispatch 360-679-9567
Building Permit RequirementsBuilding Division360-279-4515
Decks and FencesBuilding Division360-279-4515
Garbage, Trash, and Other DebrisCode Enforcement360-279-4516
Junk or Abandoned VehiclesPoliceICOM Dispatch 360-679-9567
NuisancesCode Enforcement360-279-4516
Outside StorageCode Enforcement360-279-4516
Property MaintenanceCode Enforcement360-279-4516
RV Parking and OccupancyPoliceICOM Dispatch 360-679-9567
Sidewalk ObstructionsCode Enforcement360-279-4515
SignsBuilding Division360-279-4515
Substandard or Dangerous Buildings Building Division360-279-4515
Weeds and GrassCode Enforcement360-279-4516
Zoning or Land Use IssuesPlanning Division360-279-4510

By bringing violations to our attention, you are helping to protect your property values and the aesthetics of your neighborhood. If you are concerned about any of the preceding, we can help. If a violation has occurred, we will try to resolve it in several ways.

When filling out the Complaint Form, you may request that you remain anonymous if you wish. However, please be aware that your complaint is subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act and anonymity is not guaranteed. Additionally, please note that if the case is appealed or pursued in court, you will be expected to cooperate as a potential witness.