Notice Requirements

All project review types require some level of public noticing with the exception of Type I review process applications.

In some cases, public notice is required for each individual application. When this occurs, every effort is made to consolidate the noticing advertisements.

The type of public notice depends upon the type of application review process. The following are the types of public notice that may be required for your project:

  • Posting of Property - public notice shall be provided by posting the property with 24-inch by 36-inch signs in two places on or near the subject property and shall be readily accessible for the public to review.
  • Mailing to Adjacent Property Owners - mailing may be to either contiguous property owners or to adjacent property owners located within 300 feet of the proposed project location. To determine which one applies, please see the Oak Harbor Municipal Code. In order to determine property owners and create mailing lists please see our instruction PDFs on how to include this information with the application. (Insert links to PDFs of these items)
    • Mailing List Instructions (PDF)
    • Mailing List Label Format (PDF)
    • Neighborhood and Media Notification List (PDF)
  • Publication in the Official City Newspaper - notice shall be published between 15 and 30 calendar days (varies depending upon the project type) prior to the date of hearing or date of the decision.