Staying Warm in Colder Weather

Provide Proper Spacing

Place three feet of space between any items that can burn. 

  • heaters (space heaters/portable)
  • stoves
  • fireplaces

ALWAYS keep space heaters/portable heaters at least three feet away from walls.

CONFIRM the type of space heather you use is legal in your area. It should bear the label of an independent testing laboratory. 

Using Liquid Fuel Heaters

  • Use the proper fuel for liquid-fuel heaters 
  • Properly vent the area. 
  • Only refill them in a well-ventilated area when they are cool.

Fireplace Safety

  • Keep fireplace fires small and use a fireplace screen at all times to prevent sparks from flying into the room. 
  • Do not leave children alone in a room with a fireplace fire. 
  • Never burn trash or paper in a fireplace; burning paper can float up your chimney and onto your roof or into your yard. 
  • Remove ashes in a metal container and store them outside.

NEVER use charcoal grills or portable gas camp stoves indoors. The fumes are deadly.