Wellness Program for Employees


At the City of Oak Harbor, we realize the demands of life and work can sometimes make living a healthy lifestyle challenging. We appreciate our employees and want to provide tools and support needed to be healthy and well. We believe supporting a healthy workplace matters!

The City of Oak Harbor Wellness Program is a vital part of our overall benefits package. Whether your goal is to have more energy, lose weight, manage stress, improve your diet, or simply have more happiness, the Wellness Program can help. We hope you will strive for and achieve a healthy happy life.

The program is organized locally by our Wellness Committee- a team of staff members representing each City department who offer activities and information to encourage improved health, engagement, productivity and morale.

The Wellness Committee utilized tools available through Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Employee Benefit Trust. AWC is a private, nonprofit, not partisan corporation that advocates on behalf of cities and towns, provides training, and pooling programs such as AWC Employee Benefit Trust. The City of Oak Harbor has partnered with this trust to provide health benefits to employees, retirees, and their families.

We are committed to creating a culture of health and wellbeing at the City of Oak Harbor.

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