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Yard Waste Rollcart Request Form

  1. Terms and Conditions

    A. City of Oak Harbor garbage customers may apply for subscription collection of yard waste. Participation is voluntary. To be accepted as yard waste, material must consist of grass, leaves, pine needles, pinecones, thatch, vines, weeds, and branches or other such fresh yard waste type material, not putrefied. Woody material must be no more than 3 inches in diameter and not extend outside the approved collection container. Total gross cart weight may not exceed one hundred and fifty pounds, and the bags shall not weigh more than fifty pounds.

    B. In addition to subpart A, customers are cautioned that yard material may not contain any of the following: sod (beyond small amounts), rocks, dirt, gravel, concrete, glass, metal, plastic bags, household solid waste, recyclables, animal feces, paint residue, Christmas or holiday decorations, paper, flocking, dimensional lumber, stumps/roots. A load will not be considered if it emanates a strong odor, detectable by an ordinary person at a distance of thirty (30) feet. Loads submitted are not acceptable as clean yard waste will be left by collection crews and must be handled as a category of solid waste. The rate shall be as for a 95-gallon automated style container, as set in 15.04.150 of the Oak Harbor Municipal Code. Rollcart may be subject to removal by the solid waste utility if contamination continues.

    C. Service is provided only in 95-gallon roll carts, supplied by the City, or pre-paid bags that are available at local stores and at the City utilities office.

    D. The service will consist of two seasons; the first season will be from March 1st to November 30th (peak season). Yard waste will be picked up every week on your normal collection day. The second season will be from December 1st to February 28th (off-season). Yard waste will be picked up the first week of the month and only on your normal collection day.

    E. The service is billed and payable monthly, as follows:

    March - November: 

    (Peak Season) $12.99 Monthly

    December - February: 

    (Off Season) $4.34 Monthly

    Pre-paid City Bags

    $ 3.50 each

    F. Yard waste containers shall be placed in a solid waste utility designated location no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. Such location shall be easily accessible to the solid waste collection vehicle. All containers must face in the proper direction with the lids completely closed, and containers must be unobstructed with a minimum of two feet of clearance around the container for the automated truck to pick it up. In areas where the solid waste utility designated location for an automated collection container is on the street side, it shall be the duty of each customer to remove the container from the street side on the same day as collection.

    G. The customer is responsible for the cost of cart replacement in case of loss or damage.

    H. There is no container delivery charge for the first delivery to a given customer. There will be a trip fee of $45.00 for subsequent roll cart deliveries.

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    I have reviewed the Yard Waste Rollcart Terms and Conditions, and I understand and agree to the provisions therein.

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