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  1. Please Read Before Submitting a Payment

    Online payments must be made before 5 pm on or before the due date to avoid late fees.

    Submission of Payment Before 5 pm:

    Your online payment submitted today must be made before 5 pm for the payment to be considered received and posted to your utility account.  

    Any payments received after 5 pm today will be processed the next business day and may result in a late penalty if paying this payment on the due date after 5 pm. 

    Late Fees

    A late penalty of $15, plus .67% of each commodity will be assessed if you are paying after 5 pm on the due date. 

    Receipt of Payment 

    After submitting the payment, a receipt will be emailed to the email you provided. If you do not receive a receipt via email, call our office during normal business hours at 360-279-4530 to confirm payment has been received before resubmitting payment. 

    Duplicate Payments

    Duplicate payments will be voided or refunded. Please allow three to five business days for funds to be returned. 

    Reconnect Disconnected Services

    Please call the office at 360-279-4530 if you are making a payment to reconnect service after disconnection due to non-payment. 

  2. Enter numbers only no dashes.

  3. Payment amount cannot be less than $2.00. 

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