Fire Department


855 E Whidbey Avenue
Oak Harbor, WA 98277



Link: Fire Department Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Dispatch Center (Non-Emergency Line)

If you need the fire department to respond to your location but are not experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please contact our dispatch center (I-COM). This number, 360-679-9567, will connect you to a 911 operator who will dispatch the appropriate agency to assist you with your non-emergency need.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Anderson, Craig Captain 360-279-4706  
Bailey, Brandon Firefighter 360-279-4709  
Braunstein, Angela Senior Administrative Assistant 360-279-4703  
Buxton, Mike Fire Marshal, Deputy Chief 360-279-4702  
Engle, Mike Captain 360-279-4705  
Haffner, Otto Firefighter 360-279-4709  
Hopkins, Cameron Captain 360-279-4707  
Klaszky, Ed Lieutenant 360-279-4705  
McCalmont, Steve Firefighter 360-279-4710  
Merrill, Ray Fire Chief 360-279-4701  
Schroer, Paul Captain 360-279-4707  
Frondozo, Kevin Firefighter 360-279-4742  
Ceasar, Sebastian Firefighter 360-279-4700  
Carter, Jr., Serloyd "Loyd" Firefighter 360-279-4700