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Police Department Submit Drug Tip Form

  1. Our Mission Statement

    Dedicated to community safety and service

    How do I contact the Police Department about illegal drug activity?

    There are two ways you can notify us about drug activity: the Drug Tip Hotline or Drug Tip Form. Both options are completely anonymous and no attempt will be made to determine your identity. Citizens are welcome to leave their name and phone number or email address if they wish. The Oak Harbor Police Department thanks you for your participation in curbing illegal drug activity in our City and taking the time to assist us in these matters.

    What is the Drug Tip Hotline?

    1360-679-TIPS / 360-679-8477

    The Drug Tip Hotline is a 24-hour anonymous message machine where you can provide our Special Operations Division with information relating to concerns you may have about drug activity or to report drug activity you are aware of. You do not have to leave your personal information. Be as specific as possible (location of incident, street addresses, descriptions of vehicles, names of individuals). Remember, this is an anonymous tip line. The Drug Tip Form is also an anonymous form service. Complete the questionnaire below and provide as much specific detailed information as you can.

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