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Boat & Trailer Storage Agreement

  1. Equipment

    (Description, make, model, color, license plate/registration#)

  2. Monthly Terms.

    The terms of this agreement shall be from month to month. This rental may be terminated by thirty (30) days’ notice prior to the end of the month by either party to the other.

    Rental Rate $58.80. In exchange for use of the above-described parking storage, the Renter here by agrees to pay in advance, on or before the tenth day of each month, the monthly fee provided by the City’s posted Schedule of rules, Regulations and Charges. The renter shall pay interest at the rate of seven percent per month on the unpaid balance of amounts owed in excess of 30 days. If any sum is owed for more than 60 days, the renter shall pay a late charge $50.65 . Fees may change please review the City’s posted schedule of Rules, Regulations and Charges.

    You must provide insurance and registration for your boat and trailer before bringing boat/trailer on marina grounds.

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