What is the Oak Harbor Fire Academy?

Entry-level Paid-On-Call Firefighters without Firefighter I certification will be sponsored through the Oak Harbor Fire Academy to obtain training hours required for the certification.

This training takes place at Oak Harbor Fire Department and is generally once each year, usually from January through May. The schedule is designed to allow participants to continue their full-time jobs while training to be POC Firefighters.

Each academy session prepares recruits for the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) Firefighter 1 certification exam. The Firefighter 1 certificate is recognized across the nation; it requires 130 credit hours of training and successfully completing a written and fire ground practical exam to obtain.

Please visit the Washington State Patrol Office of the State Fire Marshal website for more information on accreditation and certification.

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11. What is the Oak Harbor Fire Academy?
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