Are Paid-on-Call and Career Firefighter positions the same?

Paid-On-Call Firefighters (POCFFs) and Career Firefighters work together to provide 24-hour emergency coverage to the Oak Harbor community.

POCFFs were once called "volunteer firefighters". They still volunteer their time to train, respond to emergency incidents, and work shifts; but they are paid for each hour of their time and are not assigned to a specific schedule.

POCFFs obtain the same training and certifications as career firefighters. Many enter fire service as POCFFs with the desire to become career firefighters. Because they determine their own level of participation and set their own schedules, many participate simply to serve their community and maintain employment outside of fire service.

POCFFs are a distinct class of individuals who are paid by the City of Oak Harbor on an on-call basis. They are not eligible for many City-provided benefits. Some benefits are available through the Washington State Board for Reserve Officers and Volunteer Firefighters.

The City of Oak Harbor is no longer hiring paid-on-call firefighters.

When there is a vacant Career Firefighter position, it is filled using an eligibility list created by National Testing Network, Inc. To complete an application and schedule testing, visit the National Testing Network website.

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