How long will the review process take?

The length of time needed for review will depend on the type of permit and the completeness of the application; generally, the initial staff review of the project will take an average of two weeks, depending on staff workload. However, a final decision regarding the project permit application will be made within 120 days after the applicant has been notified that the application is complete, except as otherwise provided in subsection two of 18.20.410 of the Oak Harbor Municipal Code (OHMC) (see note).

Note: Any time period during which the applicant has been requested to correct plans, perform required studies, or provide additional required information is not included in the 120 day period.

To see this section of code, visit OHMC 18.20.410

Projects requiring public hearings take considerably more time than administrative decisions. Staff may assist you in outlining the process and timeline required for permits that require a public hearing.

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