What are the current burn regulations?

Washington State law permanently banned land-clearing and residential burning within the City of Oak Harbor and its Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) (PDF) as of January 1, 2001.

Some residential burning is allowed in Island County:

  • Burn Ban Information: 360-428-1617, ext. 4 or 360-679-7350
  • Recreational, Residential and Land-Clearing Information: 360-679-7350
  • For local outdoor burning regulations and information view the Northwest Clean Air Agency website: http://www.nwcleanairwa.gov

Did you know:

  • Burning garbage/trash has been illegal in Washington since 1967
  • You may be charged a fee if the fire department is called out to your fire due to illegal burning
  • Where burning is allowed, written permits are required for all fires over 4 feet in diameter. Verbal permits are required for fires less than 4 feet in diameter. Call 360-679-7350 for a verbal permit
  • The Fire Warden must inspect all land-clearing burn piles prior to burning (permit required)
  • The Washington State Department on Ecology has published a very informative website (including a list of frequently asked questions about outdoor burning)

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