Sewer Rehab Project - NE 9th Avenue and NE 10th Avenue

Aerial Map of the work zone area for the NE 9th and 10th Avenue sewer repair

The City's sewer system requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement. The sewer lines are essential because they carry wastewater to the City's Clean Water Facility (CWF). This project aims to rehabilitate and replace the aging sewer infrastructure. As the infrastructure ages, it becomes susceptible to cracks, root intrusions, and other defects that can diminish the effectiveness of the pipelines. 

The City of Oak Harbor has created a sewer line rehabilitation/replacement program to maintain an effective sewer system. This project will increase the reliability of the sewer system and protect the environment for years to come.

Construction activities include:

  • Construction of a temporary sewer bypass pump system to support the sewer system during construction
  • Pipe-bursting existing concrete sewer mainline with new plastic sewer mainline
  • Re-establish sewer lateral connections at the sewer mainline for each home. (Residents will experience a short interruption of sewer service during this process)
  • Restoration of construction work area

Project Schedule

March 15 - May 15, 2023

Work Hours

Monday - Friday between 7 am - 5 pm
Saturday work may occur depending on weather and scheduling, with advanced notification to nearby properties.


Mailers notifying residents about the project were sent out in early February 2023.