Active Transportation Plan (ATP)

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The City of Oak Harbor is currently developing an Active Transportation Plan to identify projects and strategies to improve conditions for walking, biking, and rolling throughout the City with our contracted consultant Toole Design

How do you get involved?

1. Complete the online survey and map between April 3 and June 3.

2. Speak with the project team at community events (Holland Happening).

3. Submit a question via our online comment form.

Review the Web Map and Take the Survey

The survey and web map are developed to hear about your experience and ideas to make Oak Harbor a better place to walk, bike, and roll. In particular, we want to know about areas that are challenging to navigate for kids, older adults, and people with disabilities. 

The survey has a few questions about you: your biking and walking experience, and your ideas for improvement. We also have a map where you can show us your location-specific thoughts and suggestions for improving pedestrian and bike facilities in Oak Harbor. The survey is open between April 3 and June 3. 

Help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors. 

Reminder - To receive the results of the feedback via email, you must include your email address on the first screen of the input form.

Take the Survey Button Image    April 3 and June 3

Paper Surveys

Printed surveys are available at the following locations. 

City Hall
865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harbor, WA 98277
Between 8 am and 4:30 pm on Mondays - Fridays (except holidays)

The Center
51 SE Jerome Street, Oak Harbor, WA  98277
Between 8:30 am and 4 pm on Mondays - Fridays (except holidays)


Did you know the Comprehensive Plan includes information about neighborhoods in the City of Oak Harbor? 

Neighborhood maps are available on the page. The City has the following neighborhoods: Ault ForestBroad ViewCrescent HarborFair WindsFort NugentGateway DistrictMidtownModern MidwayOld TownScenic HeightsSilverspot Valley, and Swantown

The ATP will focus on referencing information for your neighborhood. 

Project Timeline

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

Fall 2023

Winter 2023


Discovery PhasePlan DevelopmentStakeholder ReviewPlan AdoptionImplementation
  • Learn from the community
  • Research existing plans and policies
  • Analyze the existing bike and pedestrian network
  • Develop policy, program, and infrastructure recommendations
  • Review the draft Plan with City committees and staff
  • Make updates based on feedback
  • Active Transportation Plan is adopted by City Council
  • City implements the proposed programs and infrastructure improvements

Have Questions

You can contact staff with questions through our online form. Staff will respond within five business days after the form is received.