Marina Boat Ramp Launch Repair

Boat Launch Ramp RepairThe City of Oak Harbor Marina closed the boat launch ramp on April 4, 2022, because of float and pile damage. News of the closure was shared on the City’s website and Facebook/Instagram pages for the City of Oak Harbor and Marina.

The closure of the launch ramp is due to damage from a windstorm. A large boat was tied to it, causing too much pressure and extensive damage to the float and pile. The Marina and Public Works staff cleaned up the debris.

Next Steps

Marina and Public Works staff are working together to complete repairs. However, this process is extensive because it requires working with multiple State and Federal agencies to receive permits and approval for the necessary repairs.

Supply Chain Challenges

It also requires receiving supplies from vendors. However, all supply chain issues from COVID are not resolved, and staff is dealing with supply shortages and delivery delays from companies providing materials for the repairs.

Harbormaster Chris Sublet stated, “I want to thank the community for their patience as staff continues to work on repairs, Marina staff. The float remains out of service for the time being. However, the ramp is still available for use.” He also wanted to note that at this time, “we have received positive news from vendors with lumber packages being available to ship and confirmation of a contractor to perform the repairs. In fact, we got our first delivery last week.” 

Project Update

The current project plan is to start work in the winter after February and complete it in the Spring. This will allow the work to occur after the fish window and requirements from the Washington State Fish and Wildlife. 

Boat Launch Ramp versus Boat Launch Float 

Locally, we have heard many terms for this project and the repairs. The City is referring to it as a boat ramp launch repair. However, we have heard the terms boat ramp launch float too. We understand that it is confusing because the boat ramp launch is working. It is the float that was damaged and requires repairs.

Definitions for boat ramps and launches or floats are available on the Washington State Legislature website.