Commercial Garbage

(Commercial – Dumpster - Accounts Only)

Solid Waste Vehicle

Tips to Help Keep Your Solid Waste Costs Down

  • Visit your site routinely to ensure it is clean and ready for pick up.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate size dumpster to meet your needs.
  • Have a proactive recycling program for cardboard and mixed paper.
  • The City of Oak Harbor currently provides small-scale recycling services to solid waste customers who have dumpster accounts.  However, there are several private recyclers in the area that will pick up your recyclables and sites you can “self-haul” your recyclables.
  • Contact a local recycler on ways they can help you reduce your solid waste and increase recycling.
  • Educate your tenants on how and where to recycle.
  • Without prior notification, charges may be added to your account for garbage that is not contained in the dumpster and is picked up by the solid waste collector.  If it is in the vicinity (10 feet) of the dumpster, it will be picked up and charged to the account in one-yard increments at a cost of $19.19 per yard.
  • Any waste exceeding the rated capacity of the container shall be subject to an extra charge of $19.19 per yard.
  • The rate for clean-up of un-contained solid waste shall be $114.48 per hour.  This rate will be broken into 15-minute increments, costing $28.62 per increment.

General Solid Waste Information

  • The City of Oak Harbor has five sizes of dumpsters for your convenience: 1,2,3,4 and 6-yard containers.
  • Special pick-up requests for oversized trash that will not fit in the dumpster or extra dumpster pickups can be arranged through the City of Oak Harbor Utilities Office (360-279-4530).
  • During windy weather, bagging your garbage prior to putting it in the container will help eliminate windblown trash throughout the neighborhoods.
  • Please help keep the area around your dumpster clean to prevent any condition tending to promote the breeding of vermin and the spread of disease.
  • Any new or remodeled dumpster enclosure must be approved by the solid waste division prior to making changes.  Dimensions must be 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep.
  • Please keep your recyclables stored in a separate location so they do not get picked up like garbage

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