Public Comment Form for Council Meetings

City Council meetings are public forums where the Mayor and City Council discuss issues regarding the City. If you have concerns about an issue in the City of Oak Harbor, you can express them during the public comment portion of City Council meetings. City Council Workshops do not include public comment options. Options for submitting a public comment are provided below.

Review the published City Council Meeting packet on Friday before on the City's meeting calendar. Please note the meeting you are referencing in the comment form below with the name of the agenda item.

Options for Submitting a Public Comment

Public comment can be submitted to City Council using one of the options below:

  • Electronically using the webform (found on this page)
  • Via email to the City Clerk
  • Voicemail for the City Clerk to play during the City Council Meeting by calling 360-279-4571 after 5 pm on a Friday night before a City Council meeting or before 5 pm on the night of the meeting

Comments submitted using one of the three options will be placed in the record for the City Council meeting the agenda item is presented.

Additional City Resources

City staff, leadership, Councilmembers, and the Mayor are also available. Submitting emails to the following contacts will not be part of the public comment at a City Council meeting by emailing:

  • City staff directly - a Staff Directory is available to assist you in locating a certain staff person
  • City Councilmembers directly; this email distribution includes all City Councilmembers and does not include the Mayor or City staff
  • Contact the City of Oak Harbor; a staff person will receive, review, and forward your email to the appropriate party
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Public Comment Form for Council Meetings

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