Northeast 7th Avenue & North Oak Harbor Street Mini Roundabout

Mini Roundabout - Northeast 7th Avenue and North Oak Harbor Street

Proposed improvements consist of installing a 62 foot inscribed circle diameter (ICD) mini-roundabout (RAB) that will fit within the existing curb faces of the intersection. The center island will be 24 feet in diameter with a four-foot offset RPM marked inside lane marking. The center island is proposed to be two to three inches in height and be designed to be traversable and mountable.

Each approach leg's channelization will match into the existing lane markings. The approach island dividers will be painted, and the south leg approach planter island will remain without modification. The east leg approach crosswalk and ramps will be relocated approximately 30 feet to the east. All signs are planned to be installed behind the curbing and outside of the pavement. The final layout is designed to allow all vehicles, including semi-tractor trailers, large trucks, and trailers to have unrestricted movement.

Engineer Drawing of Mini Roundabout


  • February 2022: Design layout with cost estimate and schedule
  • March to May 2022: Stakeholder outreach (includes community, Fire Department, Police Department, Island Transit, Oak Harbor Public Schools, and Island County)
  • June to July 2022: Construction (after school is out during the summer break)


Installation of the roundabout, channelization, and signage will be performed first and is expected to be performed over one week. ADA ramps will be performed as a separate project and expected to follow the RAB placement.

Project Contact

Alex Warner, P.E., City Engineer
Phone: 360-279-4527
Email Alex Warner