Freund Marsh Feasibility Study/West Side Outfall Pump

This is a feasibility study and drainage report for Freund Marsh (marsh). The results of the study determine if the City will need to:

  • Install a stormwater station at the northwest corner of Windjammer Park.
  • If it is possible to use the marsh as a detention/Pretreatment Pond.
  • Determine if a bypass on Highway 20 could be diverted to the marsh.

The purpose of the study is to address storm drain system backups and flooding near the Burger King at Highway 20 from heavy rain and high tide events.


  • Select Consultants in late Fall 2021
  • Report Due in the Summer of 2022

Traffic Impacts

Any traffic impacts will be listed on this page as the project progresses. 


  • February 10, 2021: Project page on City website 

Project Contact