Fire Department Mission


The vision of your Oak Harbor Fire Department is to continue to be recognized as consistently providing quality services in an efficient manner to our growing community.


Our Mission Statement is to provide professional and cost-effective services by maintaining highly trained and highly motivated career and paid-on-call staff, combined with sufficient apparatus, equipment, and facilities.


Our objectives are:

  • To respond to fire, rescue, medical and hazardous incidents on land or water
  • To conduct fire and life safety inspections of existing businesses, multi-family dwellings, and public assembly facilities
  • To review plans and conduct on-site inspections of new developments and buildings to ensure fire and life safety code compliance
  • To provide public education in the areas of fire prevention, CPR, first aid, life safety, accident prevention, and disaster planning preparedness
  • To provide disaster equipment such as generators, lighting, mobile command units, and multiple casualty units during natural and manmade disasters
  • To provide training and technical support to fire and city personnel
  • To conduct investigations of all fires to determine their cause and origin
  • To maintain the mutual aid agreement with all emergency service providers on Whidbey Island
  • To maintain and operate an Emergency Operations Center for the city
  • To conduct and participate in county-wide training at the department's training facility

Celebrating excellence since 1929.